Hella finds …plastic waste photo art

The moment I started looking into what is being done worldwide to bring up the plastic soup issue, I came across a lot of wretched, horrifying examples of roaming plastic on the beach, in the water, in forests, in the streets and in the …. well everywhere actually.

Fortunately, there are many inspiring people with great ideas and actions that want to bring this plastic misery to our attention. Really, there are many! In all sizes and types. I find it incredible and incredibly moving to see young children stand up as activists, such as the nearly 10-year-old Dutch Lilly and 7- year-old ‘The Little Collector‘. In the near future, I  am definitely spending a whole blog on these amazing young activists.

Horror and aesthetics

The ‘misery-beauty’ combination was best expressed for me in a number of photography projects. Aesthetically beautiful photos, which on closer inspection are also pretty depressing. And then become a motivation for you to start to do at least SOMETHING about the misery yourself. I think that this plastic waste art is a great driver for awareness and change.

  1. Found in Nature, by Barry Rosenthal
    Barry collects litter around the New York Harbor area, and arranges the objects by color, type and/or theme. In the 5 minute video below you see how and why he does that.
  2. Plastic Ocean, by Thirza Schaap
    Thirza makes photos of plastic on a pastel-colored background. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant (30-9-2017) she said: “I show the beauty of something terribly sad, those beautiful colors of the plastic. Because all the beautiful creatures in the sea are in our mess.”
  3. Where, by Mandy Barker
    The remnants of looted balloons simply return to earth and into the sea. Mandy collected many pieces of balloons on beaches around the world. Her motivation? Watch the video in which she tells about the project Hong Kong Soup.
  4. Washed up, van Alejandro Durán
    Alejandro photographs the plastic waste as an integration in nature, as a forest, as rivers or fruit. He did so in the Mexican nature reserve Sian Ka’an.

I’m curious what you think (of this)! Please let us know in the comments if you too found beautiful plastic waste art.

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