Mission 2: Maak de Maredijk Mooi!

Within a week of our first mission it was time for the second activity: ‘Make the Maredijk Mooi!’ (= Clean up our neighbourhood Maredijk).

Hella had received a free package from the sympathetic foundation ‘Nederland Schoon‘ with gloves, plastic bags, posters and thank you cards. Hella had also created an event on the website of ‘Nederland Schoon’. This apparently was also communicated in our neighbourhood via Facebook’s unfathomable ways. As a result, in addition to a number of birthday guests, other people from the neighbourhood participated.


02 IMG_0115 beste
After the walk-in with coffee and cookies, sympathetically everyone posed for the photographer.

Just like the week before on the beach, at first glance it did not look so bad. But once we were busy cleaning, we realised we were not really living in a very clean neighbourhood … In one and a half hour time a lot of litter was picked up. A selection: hundreds of cigarette butts, fireworks, a boot, cans, plastic bags, beer bottles and so on.

Maak Maredijk Mooi
The showpiece of the day.

We also learned something: some of us thought that these glass things in the picture below are beautiful vases for orchids. That is not true. It is packaging material for a so-called shot. No heroin, but an alcoholic drink.


The effort we made was huge. And during our effort we were approached several times by neighborhood residents who would definitely want to participate next time. In fact, that nice family on the corner of the street could not wait and joined right away!

34 Maredijk (10)
Plenty to be found in the ditch!
When everything was cleaned up, we wiped the curbs with a wet cloth.
36 Slot en juich foto1
Unbelieveably happy residents of the Maredijk neighbourhood with their harvest!

Afterwards we had a nice lunch because all that cleaning up gave us the munchies. Once again, this mission showed us that enjoying yourselves and doing something uesful can go hand in hand perfectly!

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