The first step

A few years ago I regularly wrote a blog that was characterized by the lack of useful information.

Today I am starting again. With a new blog and this time with useful information. I hear you thinking: how come, why now? No, of course I do not hear that at all. It would be scary if I heard what you think. But I would like to explain how this came about: Hella and I have been sort of non-committedly complaining for years that we mainly talk about what we can do to improve the world, but that we ultimately do nothing. It has been months since we were so fed up of all our talk (and no actions) that we promised each other to take a first action within a week. And well, then we visited volunteer sites and thought hard about in which area we would want do something. There was so much to choose from that in the end we, again, just ended up in our lethargic talk mode.

Until … I recently had my birthday and was surprised by a wonderful gift from Hella: a book full of photos of friends and family that were separating waste. But that was not all: I also got a well-filled list of all kinds of activities that had to do with waste cleanup, focusing mostly on plastic. Because since we separate plastic ourselves, we are quite startled by the large quantities that we throw away ourselves. And so the choice was made: this year is dominated by The Big Cleanup!

Let's do it Netherlands - Sandra

In this blog therefore a report of the activities we will undertake this year, naturally also in the hope that it is contagious!

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