Coming clean: TGI Fridays

A couple of times a week I park my bike in the bicycle shed on the Westplein in Utrecht. A not so cozy square because of the many traffic but it is made more fun and greener with unrelenting enthusiasm by the people of  Paviljoen Pop.

An impression of the mess.

Last week I once again parked my bike and saw a tsunami of junk. It turned out to be an action of the fast food chain TGI-Fridays who wanted to recruit staff in this fun way for their soon to be opened restaurant on nearby Stationsplein.

Apparently there is little enthusiasm to work here and regular ways of recruiting staff (an advertisement or employment agency) do not yield anything. Or perhaps there is a completely different reason that is overlooked.

Probably, there has been a department that has devised to tackle it in this way. Perhaps it was preceded by brainstorming session, with yellow post-its and out of the box thinking.

TGI Fridays
Do you believe this is a winning action?

Anyway, the outcome was  that there is a label on all bicycles on the Westplein with this phrase : Do you believe in a dream job at first sight?

If they had thought about it a little bit longer, they might have come to the conclusion that about 100% of the bike owners do not need this label. And that there are only a few people who put it in their pocket to throw away at home. Practice shows that most people just throw it on the ground, especially if there are already a few hundred.

I tweeted a friendly request to TGI Fridays to clean up their mess. But no reaction. The day after, I returned from work a bit earlier and decided to pick up as many labels as possible.


There were 267. This time I have also tweeted about it, now with the question to TGI-Fridays to come with us to clean up some time in return. I also asked the municipality of Utrecht, per tweet, whether companies are allowed to distribute so much junk. It is still not entirely clear to me how it is, but apparently it was passed on to the licensing department.

Until now there is no reaction from TGI Fridays but you are the second person to hear when in their infinite wisdom they decide to come with us . I can recommend it anyway because it is super fun with us!

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TGI Fridays has turned out to be a good sport: they reached out to DeGroteSchoonmaak the day after the second tweet and sincerely apoligized. Also, they have committed to have 2 employees help us cleanup for an afternoon. We are very happy about that and plan to do this very soon!

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