Coming clean launched a competition with prizes!


Besides people helping us cleanup TGI-Fridays also offered The Big Cleanup a dinner for six. GREAT! And since the board of The Big Cleanup only has two members, we have exactly 4 places to spare! With whom would we love to have dinner? With you of course, are most loyal supporters!

That’s why we have launched a competition to win this white-hot prize. Maybe you think you are without a chance, but nothing is less true. We have 28 followers on Twitter of which 2 cleaning companies who presumably follow us for other reasons. On Instagram it is better (100+ followers), but there is still a world to win. The posts on LinkedIn receive an average of more than 200 views. And then we have this blog that is well attended, but isn’t an internet hit yet. All numbers are going up steadily, one more steadily than others, but we’ve been on this journey for just a few months.

In short: help us to become better known and -in the end- help us clean up more litter. Follow us, retweet us, send photos or reports of what you have cleaned, write a guest blog (good for many bonus points): be creative. In a month time, under the watchful eye of notary W.A. van Rhijn, we’ll announce the winners. They are going to experience an unforgettable evening at TGI-Fridays with us on a date yet to be agreed!

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