Missie 5: Grondstofjuttershelden!

Voor de laatste keer in onze serie missies gingen we op zondag jutten in Katwijk. Inmiddels zijn we er ook achtergekomen dat het Grondstofjutten bijna net zo’n belachelijk groot succes is als een optreden van Ivo Niehe in Parijs.  Hella en ik gaan soms gezellig samen jutten en er zijn zelfs clubjes die twee maal per week het strand kuisen. We schrokken dus wel toen we bij aankomst hoorden dat er nog maar 3 juttassen beschikbaar waren! Gelukkig kregen we extra vuilniszakken mee want we waren met 7 zeer gemotiveerde rapers.

De motivatie spat ervan af!


Fikse tussenlozing!



We dachten dat er daarom niet zo heel veel te vinden zou zijn, maar ook nu bleek dat we met gemak de 7 zakken vulden, sterker nog: we hebben zelfs een tussenlozing in een kliko moeten doen!






Maar deze groep was dan ook de crème de la crème van de grondstofjutters, de Ivo Niehes van de zwerfierapers! De grenzen van wat nog menselijk mogelijk was werden opgerekt, zodat afval dat meters achter het prikkeldraad lag met verlengde armen en de grijper toch kon worden opgepakt.

Hier en daar bleef een pluk haar of een stukje vel achter in het prikkeldraad maar alles voor het resultaat. Wel willen we graag een volgende keer met toestemming van Rijnland in het verboden gebied alle troep opruimen, onze handen jeuken!



Na afloop was de stemming opperbest, we hadden immers weer een hoop afval verplaatst van waar het niet hoort naar waar het wel hoort. Op het terras van Wantveld werd de juichstemming bekroond met raketijs en bier, een gouden combinatie!

BeFunky Collage 2
Van hagelpatronen tot rietjes, alles verdween in de zakken!




Mission 4: Trash beachcombing in Katwijk

The name of this blog suggests that Mission 4 is identical to Mission 1. There were indeed several similarities::

  • Location: Katwijk
  • Day: De dag: the day of the lord
  • Weather: fresh and sunny
  • Nature of the mission: trash beachcombing

But there were also important differences. First of all, it was more than a month later. As a result, we were able to conduct a comparative research. We walked about the same area and saw significantly less waste than last time!

This can have various causes:

  • A battalion of trash beachcombers had been ahead of us that morning
  • Or there has been (relatively) little waste fallen from human hands in the intervening period. And what is the cause of that? Maybe because on a clean beach there is less dumping ….

This time our party of beachcombers was different. We were accompanied by our super-enthusiastic ex-neighbor with her three equally enthusiastic children aged 6 and 8 and 8. They had been looking forward to collecting the waste all morning and they did not hide that! With a fanaticism that could put Olympic athletes toshame, the beach was combed from bottom to top and from left to right. Their enthusiasm almost ended into an argument about a piece of plastic at some point: “NO, THIS WAS MY WASTE, I WANT TO PUT IT IN THE BAG!”

A tiny little incident in an otherwise perfect afternoon: the images speak almost for themselves, and otherwise there is always the caption.


3 superheroes, 2 of them incognito


Summary of a splendid afternoon!


At first is said afal! (in Dutch something like trazh!) but fortunately this spelling error was remediated on time (now it says something like trasj).

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Coming clean: looking for tips!

img_0209Since my birthday there have been three official missions but between these we have not been idle. We (read: Hella) have spent hours in getting an understanding of the WordPress world. With good results, because we now have all kinds of fancy features on this site including an English version! Google translate has been able to translate all blogs with Hella’s expert help so now we can have our global breakthrough. Furthermore, a Twitter account has become available recently: @plasticcleanup (the twitter account @degroteschoomaak was already given to a certain Mister Muscle). Even on LinkedIn we have some traffic going on with our blog.

As we become more and more immersed in the plastic waste issue, we noticed that we are not alone. There are already many people who clean up litter, even in our own environment. And I really believe that it works as an environmentally-friendly oil spill: more and more people are joining various cleaning up projects.

Once you have an eye for it, you can’t not see it anymore. Double denials are always difficult, but even I understand this one. Since we started collecting, I see plastic and other waste everywhere. Sometimes it leaves me with a practical challenge. For instance, if I go shopping and I see all sorts of junk lying on the street, I prefer not to dirty my hands. And if I start picking up trash, then it usually does not stop with 1 piece. And not even with 2, so the following problem arises: where do you keep it? Preferably not in the shopping bag. So far the solution was: look for a plastic bag, because where there is waste, you usually also find plastic bags. However, I am very curious how other litterpickers  solve this.
I saw Peter Smith (Stichting Klean), while riding his bike, smoothly grab waste with his waste grabber and elegantly throwing it into his bicycle basket. If you can pick up even cigarette butts so easily and with so much precision, you probably got a lot of watches out of the claw machine. As of yet, this is still far out of reach for us. Therefore we are welcoming tips to deal with this challenge!

Saturday 18 Feruary we will go trash beachcombing again! With a burlap sack.

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